Fiction Publications

 Here is a sampling of some fiction by Steve Colori!

An Uncertain Life. Ariel Chart. 2019 May.

Changing Language. Adelaide Literary Magazine. 2019 April

Two Birds. A Story in 100 Words. 2017 December

The Subway. A Story in 100 Words. 2018 December

The Crossing. The Flash Fiction Press. 2016 September

Moving In​The Fiction Pool. 2018 January

The Middle. Literally Stories. 2016 July​

Who's to Help. Indiana Voice Journal. 2016 August

What Drives the Wind. Scarlett Leaf Review. 2016 December

What's the Difference. Star 82 Review. 2017 March

Chivalry​A Story in 100 Words. May 2018.

Anything Can Happen. A Story in 100 Words. April 2018

A Simple Discount. Commuter Lit. June 2018

What It's Like. Good Men Project. February 2016

Stek's Deliberations



Growing  up Rob Stekowitz has "been a bore, that sucks the life out of people"  according to one of his old roommates. When he embarks on his second  semester at Bulger University he meets a group of fraternity brothers  who want him to pledge Epsilon Tau Omega, "The greatest fraternity  ever". This entertaining action-packed thriller filled with comedy and  drama continues forward with Rob's tribulations and dilemnas of trying  to become accepted as a part of the group.