Experiencing & Overcoming Schizoaffective Disorder Book Description


In  this powerful memoir, 17-Time Oxford University Medical Journals  Contributor, McLean Hospital Harvard Resident  Doctors' Lecturer, and Good Men's Project Columnist Steve Colori  courageously articulates his experience of facing and overcoming  schizoaffective disorder. His personal narrative gives readers insight  into the true nature of the illness, providing a lucid description of  symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia, OCD, suicidal thoughts,  bipolar disorder, mania, insomnia, family issues, and social  dysfunction. Colori explains how he worked through all these symptoms  and resolved them. He tells the reader why, at one point, he decided to  stop taking medication; and shows why he later changed his mind and  permanently resumed taking medication. The book also details a number of  therapies that Colori utilized to overcome the disorder—such as talk  therapy, journaling, and exposure therapy— which eventually enabled him  to advance far beyond recovery.

Steve  Colori has published sixteen essays with Oxford Medical Journals; he has a column with The  Good Men's Project in their Health and Wellness Section titled "Steve  Colori Talks Mental Health". Steve is currently a counselor at McLean  hospital and has lectured McLean's Harvard Resident Doctors quarterly  since 2012; he lectures at Simmons College Graduate School of Social  Work; he has lectured at NAMI GBCAN Boston; and he has also lectured at  Mass General Hospital's “Schizophrenia Day".

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Steve Colori writes a monthly column with The Good Men's Project titled Steve Colori Talks Mental Health. The next installment is Friday December 2, 2018. Links to the column are on the blog on this website!!!

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